Anonymous BSC

Started by a collection of crypto currency enthusiasts

While we witnessed the rise of decentralized exchange technology and infrastructure, we also saw something else.

Mainly focusing on the Binance Smart Chain, thanks to the very low transaction fees and ease of programming, this group saw the many scams and abuse perpetrated every day.

We decided to do something about it

Anonymous BSC is your trusted source for Binance Smart Chain projects and review. The goal is to identify those that are known to scam others while also creating a safe place to find new projects to be involved with. 

Join us on our mission as we continue to develop our project’s utility and database to provide you security in an unregulated environment.

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  • 1. Solidify Social Media Presence

    We are working around the clock to unify our social media efforts to present one consistent brand and purpose. It is the lifeblood of our community and the best way to present ourselves to new community members.
    We simplified our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook handles to be AnonymousBSC or as close as possible. Combined all efforts into one unified stream.

  • 2. Create Unique Content

    Expanding into new graphics and content that contain information about our cause. We want to incorporate a huge education portion to our website and align it with the EXPOSED release.

  • 3. Marketing

    We have opened several new channels and are targeting new markets through both traditional and conventional channels that will open us up to untapped markets in the crypto space. We are continuing our current campaigns and are pushing through social media to get ourselves trending and showing up organically.

  • 4. Audit

    First audit is complete and will be launched on our website. We will let this permeate throughout our community and once it has been reviewed thoroughly and at the appropriate time we will assess the usability of secondary and tertiary audits.

  • 5. Bounty Parameters/EXPOSED

    The submission form for the database is now open to the public and we are currently building and reviewing submissions. Our development team is hard at work on our robust platform that will work as a checks and balances for contracts and scams. Combined with the EXPOSED approach of making information available and attaching them to nefarious behaviour, we intend to stand as a badge or shield in the BSC. Announcements will be made as development increases.

  • 6. Education

    Building on the EXPOSED platform, we will be incorporating an educational platform including discussions with experts, text and video content all with the goal to teach and educate our community how best to vet projects and be safe.

  • 7. Live video with anon dev AMA

    A scheduled time will eventually be announced, after completion of prominent marketing campaigns, press releases and all rebrand and media approaches finalized.

  • 8. Rebrand

    We are transitioning our online presence into a more refined logo and aesthetic to maintain a consistent messaging across all channels. We intend to be recognizable and maintain a strong community that will align themselves with the value of ANON BSC.

  • 9. National marketing

    Our story will be getting out to the world through high level media and marketing channels. Announcements will come as releases are made to the public, and we will continue to expose nefarious actors and scammers.